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One More Kiss (Band On the Run book 1) by Samantha Chase...Wow just Wow!

One More Kiss - Samantha Chase

One More Kiss (Band On the Run book 1) by Samantha Chase


Romance and True love at it's best...


Samantha Chase did it again. Samantha Chase has a writing style that I love.The struggle each character has in her books is always something a reader can relate to. I found myself loving this book. I also found myself able to relate to the characters.


Vivienne Forrester is a blogger and a bit of OCD. Matt Reed is a rock star and the lead guitarist of the band Shaughnessy. Matt is on a hiatus after a bad Broadway experience and bad publicity. Vivienne and Matt know each other through Vivienne's older brother Aaron who is Matt's best friend. The struggles that Matt and Vivienne each go through individually is so realistic. Matt and Vivienne prove that opposites do attract.


Samantha Chase did a marvelous job introducing us to the world of musicians. Samantha shows her readers that being famous isn't always perfect. Even the rich and famous have real struggles. This story was eloquently written and had great charm. I instantly fell in love with the story and found myself laughing and getting swept away by the romance and passion. Samantha Chase knows how to tell a story and her writing leaves you wanting more. 


This book was very realistic to me. It had all the elements that make a great story. I found myself not wanting to put the book down. I found myself wanting to know Matt and Vivienne and by the end of the story, I felt that I truly knew Matt and Vivienne. I didn't want the book to end and can not wait to read the other band mates stories.

Samantha Chase is beyond a talented writer. She has a true gift. Samantha Chase knows how to write. Her stories are so real and down to earth that readers everywhere can really enjoy. Her stories are often unforgettable and stay with you always. I highly recommend One More Kiss.


My rating is 5 stars.