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Christmas on Pointe (Silver Bell Falls) Samantha Chase delivers yet another heart pounding and breathtaking story!

Christmas On Pointe: A Silver Bell Falls Holiday Novella - Samantha Chase

ARC Review: Christmas on Pointe (Silver Bell Falls) by Samantha Chase
Samantha Chase delivers yet another heart pounding and breathtaking story!

Here is another great and amazing read from Samantha Chase. I loved every minute of this book. I fell in love with the town of Silver Bell Falls and all the residents. It is Christmas time here at Silver Bell Falls. This book has all the elements of a great book. I cried and laughed. Christmas on Pointe is heartwarming.

Abby Foster is a dreamer. Abby works at a local diner but her dream is to own a dance studio one day. Abby is also in love with Dean Hughes a man she hardly knows. When Dean gains permanent guardianship of his 5 year old niece Maya Deans solitude life begins to unravel. Abby offers to step in and help Dean get adjusted to life with a child.

Dean Hughes is a man who loves solitude. His whole life he has always been the responsible child. His sister has a reputation of being wild. When Dean's sister passes away Dean is left with raising her daughter Maya. Dean is thrust into a world he never knew existed.

I really enjoyed the part where the residents of Silver Bell Falls prepared meals for Dean and Maya as they adjusted to a new life together. and I found it very touching when the residents helped get Deans home prepared for a 5 year old little girl to live in. I found it really touching how they even designed Maya's room just how Maya wanted.

All Maya wants to do is ballet. When she is around Abby she smiles and laughs. This does not go unnoticed to Dean. He begins to see Abby in a new light. Dean loves watching Abby dance and begins to notice things like how graceful she looks.

As you read further in the story you find that Maya has missed out on things a child her age gets to do. You also discover that it is the simple things like homemade cookies and slumber parties that make Maya happy. You discover that these simple things Maya never experienced with her mother.

Reading Christmas on Pointe made me long to live in a town like Silver Bell Falls. I fell in love with Silver Bell Falls. It has everything you want in a book. Through out the book I found myself laughing and crying and hoping. There were even moments my heart fluttered. I highly recommend this book. Read this and you will fall in love with Silver Bell Falls as I did.