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Friday Night Brides by Samantha Chase...Abook more than just about romance

Friday Night Brides - Samantha Chase

Friday Night Brides by Samantha Chase

Samantha Chase really brings it in this book. I love all her books. I really loved reading this one. Not only was this a wedding themed story but it was a story about friends.

In Friday Night Brides Samantha introduces us to 4 women. Hailey, Angie, Ella and Bella are four friends who have known each other since childhood. We are introduced to all four women and get to learn a little about each woman. We get to see their struggles and see how they find love. Hailey is the practical one. Becca is the shy one. Angie is the independent and strong one. Ella is the sweet and innocent one.

I enjoyed reading this book. I found it has all the elements that make a great story. I loved watching these four best friends grow togehter and individually. I loved watching them deal with their struggles and overcome them. This book isn't just a romance book but a book about the friendship between four women. This was a great read.

I love Samantha Chase books. She writes her characters in a way that readers can connect to. Samantha Chase writes great and sometimes emotional stories. Friday Night Brides is a great and easy read. i thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this story.

I give this book five stars. i highly recommend this book.