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Holiday Spice(Shaughnessy Brothers book 6) by Samantha Chase

Holiday Spice (The Shaughnessy Brothers Book 6) - Samantha Chase

Holiday Spice(Shaughnessy Brothers book 6) by Samantha Chase

Wow! Just WOW! Samantha Chase is an amazing author. One of the best ever. Samantha really can write. She writes with all her heart. Samantha puts all she has into her books. No stone left unturned. Samantha Chase has all the elements that make an amazing author. However I truly feel Samantha Chase went above and beyond her usual in Holiday Spice.

I found Holiday Spice to be the BEST ever book Samantha Chase has written and that is definitely saying something since every book is beyond amazing. Holiday Spice is different from all the others because this book has literally everything. You have love, love lost, tragedy, heartbreak, romance, drama, angst, healing and grief as well as some heart swoon worthy moments and a touch of humor. You get so much emotion in one book.

In Holiday Spice we finally read Darcy Shaughnessy's story. Let me just say you know nothing of Darcy til you read Holiday Spice. The few glimpses we get of Darcy in the other 5 Shaughnessy stories were nothing. You really learn all about Darcy in Holiday Spice. My heart truly ached for Darcy in the aspect of having lost her mom at such a young age and being raised by only men.

In Holiday Spice we meet Benjamin Tanner. Ben is a recluse. He lives away from everyone. He builds things with his hands that are breathtakingly beautiful. A few years earlier Ben suffered a tragedy that forever changed his world. Enter Darcy. Darcy is sent to help Ben with his book project. From the moment Darcy and Ben meet Sparks fly. You can see their chemistry. Darcy changes Ben's life completely. Just amazing.

Holiday Spice had my heart swooning and had me crying and even laughing a bit. Holiday Spice had all the elements and more that make a perfect read. Holiday Spice is the last book in the Shaughnessy Brother's series and I'm telling you it is the best. Samantha Chase out did herself here. Samantha stole my heart forever with Holiday Spice. I highly recommend Holiday Spice to every romance lover. The best book ever. I give it five stars and two thumbs up.