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Made For Us (The Shaughnessy Brothers book 1)

Made for Us - Samantha Chase

Made For Us (The Shaughnessy Brothers book 1)

Samantha Chase delivers an amazing story. Samantha Chase really knows her stuff. In every one of her stories, she delivers a great read. She has all the elements that make a great author. In Made For Us, Samantha Chase not only introduces us to 2 new characters but she also introduces us to the Shaughnessy family and a new series.

In Made For Us, we meet Aidan Shaughnessy and Zoe Dalton. Aidan Shaughnessy is the oldest of the Shaughnessy siblings. Aidan takes on a lot of responsibility especially when it comes to his family. Aidan has to be in complete control of everything. Zoe Dalton is an only child. She is a great designer. Zoe has moved to the coast to start her life fresh and heal from her mother's death.

I must say I really enjoyed this book. I found myself laughing and crying and quiet a bit. I even felt my heart flutter a bit in this story. I love the Shaughnessy family. The story was well written and I even found myself relating to Aidan quite a bit. I loved and laughed and cried right along with them. I felt I was a part of this family. The characters were lovable and realistic. the plot of the story was amazing and steady. The setting was just perfect. This story is unique from others because you get a lot of emotion and not just from the main characters but the secondary characters as well. A great beginning to a new series.

This is a great book. I love Samantha Chase books. Samantha out did herself in this book. At the end I was screaming "No, More stories NOW!!!" It was just that good. Samantha has all the elements that makes a great writer in my opinion. Hats off to Samantha for this wonderful book.This was a perfect introduction to a new series.

I highly recommend this book. I give this five stars. Make sure you have your tissues.